Lives of all sport athletes have never been the same!

Since 1987, Donnie has been actively involved in ministry to professional athletes. What started as a chapel service with the Oakland A's has grown into the opportunity to speak each year to every team in the American League, as well as many in the National League. As represenatives of Baseball Chapel, Donnie ministers to both the Major and Minor Leagues of professional baseaball all over Northern, CA. It may be in a crowded weight room or in the confines of a team's dugout, but wherever you find baseball, on any given Sunday, the Gospel is being preached and lives are being changed.

Over the years, Donnie has also started a Bible Study with the players. In these studies, the players dive deeper into the Bible, hold each other accountable, and challenge each other to develop Christ-Like character in all they do. Cindy also does a Bible Study with the Wives.